I attend quite a lot of networking groups and rather than deliver the “traditional ” elevator speech, I write ditties about stress and the issues that are presented to me. Enjoy Ruth’s Rhymes!


This young woman was very depressed
Bullied at school, she confessed
Lacking confidence, scared of groups.
Now she belongs, one of the troops.
Just imagine her delight –
Head held high, no more fright.
She can now go out on her own
After fifteen years feeling alone.
Stressworx has set her free
With hypnosis and EFT


My client had daily panic attacks
Childhood love she’d sadly lacked
Unknown father – abusive mum
A disabled daughter -without a man
She is now my number one fan!
With EFT she’s learned to cope
I gave her healing and future hope.


Last week I saw a lad called Tom
Who came to see me with his Mom
He was very anxious, very tense
Full of anger, life made no sense
When he came he was somewhat prickly
But EFT works very quickly
He didn’t suffer fools gladly
And treated them rather badly
He tapped until he felt OK
And was smiling as he walked away
Only needing one session – quickly done
Free to enjoy life and have some fun!


This lady had dental fears
Panic, stress and lots of tears
The thought of the dentist made her shake
“How long” she trembled”will this take?
She’d memories of seeing her dad
Having teeth extracted – that was bad.
She freed the memory and the fear
And now she lets the dentist near.
Her lifelong fear is completely gone
Stressworx – one session and she was done!


My client woke up during the night
Her husband was dead – imagine her fright.
She muddled along, full of guilt
Her life needing to be rebuilt
For seven years, she couldn’t sleep
She couldn’t cry, couldn’t weep
In deep hypnosis she released the pain
And slowly started to live again
Free of fears about going to bed
She found new love and now is wed.


This client was a loss adjustor
Work and stress caused his fluster
He’d had a breakdown and was depressed
He was being bullied and just couldn’t rest
He felt inadequate, scared to fail
And things at home were getting stale.
I sorted him out and gave hime hope
He now believes that he can cope
He had release all negative feelings
Filled with health, hope and healing


This referral was for low self esteem
But things are not what they seem
She was in a wheelchair – very overweight
As well as in an emotional state
Childhood Traumas you would not believe
So much pain to relieve
Two years on, she’s five stone lighter
Fiesty, fun and what a fighter!
She now does lots of voluntary work
All those demons no longer lurk
No pills, magic or smelly potion
Let Stressworx get things in motion


This lady had a fear of flying
She’s shiver, shake and end up crying
Turbulence – the cause of her pain
Was it going to happen again?
We worked together to remove the fear
The way ahead was suddenly clear
later that week, she flew to New York
Free of fear, she now walks the talk


This young woman was abused at five
Her self confidence took a major dive
She could not love, could not trust
It felt so unfair, so unjust
The guy who abused her moved away
But she thought about it every day
She wants to be someone’s wife
But this memory haunts her life
I cleared the memories, healed the pain
And she’s starting to live her life again
It’s really great to see her smile
And take her life that extra mile


We all need control of our lives
Sons, daughters, husbands, wives
Loss of control causes stress
All by degree – more or less
Stressworx will explore the cause
Grow your strengths not your flaws
I’ll put you back in the driving seat
Self confidence rules – not defeat
Imagine just how that would feel
Time for yourself and your ideals
I deliver change with a WOW
Come to me and I’ll show you how


This sad man had lost his wife
Causing major changes in his life
He couldn’t accept that she had gone
Not moving forward or moving on
Feelings of anger, pain and loss
His months and years were gathering moss
It’s a horrible thing, loss and grief
But just two sessions gave relief
He’s now free to look ahead
No more mornings filled with dread


This young woman began a new school
Had a panic attack and felt such a fool
Her new friends – what did they think?
Her shame almost turned her to drink
Thinking about it made her shake
This was a pattern she needed to break
In one short session her life turned round
Amazing new confidence she’s now found

Suppressed Memory

This client panicked in crowded places
With strange and also well known faces
No bad events could he recall
Just the panic, scared and small
After talking, we started to tap
And up came his lifelong map
He recalled a trauma in the swimming pool
Believe you me it was not cool
Held under water, he couldn’t get his breath
He was far too young to meet his death
Of course he lived to tell the tale
But he was shaking and very pale
Needless to say he was filled with fear
And this has grown, year on year
We cleared the memory, and the shock
Quick and easy, no watching the clock
No longer panicky but nice and calm
Stressworx acts  like  a healing balm
Nice and chilled – go with the flow
If you want to feel good – let me know

Peace of Mind

Do you want peace of mind?
Is it something you want to find?
What of happiness and health?
How does that compare with wealth?
Sadness, fears, alone with grief
Haunting memories or negative belief
Come to me and you will find
The power of your subconscious mind
With hypnosis and EFT
You will finally be FREE!