• Better all-round health – stopping smoking reduces risk of 50 different illnesses
  • Heart attack risk drops to the same as a non-smoker three years after quitting
  • Cancer risk drops with every year of not smoking
  • Live longer and stay well – one in two long-term smokers die early
  • Set a good example to the kids (or other people’s kids) – don’t  be a  role model
  • Have  money to spend on other things  – how much you can save in a year?
  • Improved fitness and easier breathing – better at sports and getting up stairs
  • Better chance of having a healthy baby
  • Food and drink tastes betterNo teeth stains, fresher breath (more kissable)
  • Better skin and complexion, and no early wrinkles
  • Fresher smelling  hair and clothes
  • No more cigarette smells around the house
  • Back in full control and no longer being distracted at work with cravings
  • Travel on trains, aircraft, buses will be easier
  • More socially acceptable
  • No more standing outside in the rain
  • No more guilt!

I’ve gone from smoking a two ounce pouch of tobacco a day to not smoking at all. Just like that, with only one session. I am surprised every day that goes by  that I don’t want a cigarette but I haven’t touched them or wanted to. It’s the best thing I have ever done and it was a lot easier than I expected it to be. I was the best thing I have ever done. –  J.Stanwell

I really  did not believe that I could quit smoking in one session – but I did – three years ago!  – A. Ashford

I gave up smoking with Ruth nine years ago and it is a distant memory – it feels like another life –  N. Wraysbury