Are you keeping the diet industry going?!

The diet industry is worth over £550 million each year in the UK –
it wants you to fail so they can increase their profits !!



How many diets have you tried?

Have you tried every diet that is on the market with no lasting results?

Do you find that food is taking over your life?

Are you a yo – yo dieter but each time a few more pounds pile come back on?

  • Do you feel a failure
  • Do you resent being told you are obese/overweight/fat?
  • Do you feel embarrassed when you weigh in at weight classes?
  • Are you annoyed when you are told what to eat and drink?
  • Do you feel aggrieved at the injustice of it all?
  • Do you feel conspicuous amongst slim people
  • Do you feel angry with yourself at not being able to wear the clothes you want?
  • Do you get cross when others eat the food you crave without any consequences?
  • Are you feeling guilty for actually liking food?
  • Do you get fed up being told to exercise?


Its  much more than just about food…. but do any of the diet books explain how your mind works?!

Overeating is a habit or a mental addiction. Like all habits – it is learned and practised until the mind is programmed to action automatically. When you learn to ride a bike, learn a language, drive a car, you have to learn the motions and then repeat and practice what you have learned until it becomes a sub conscious action. In effect the conscious mind is no longer in control and has handed over to its partner, the subconscious where the habit is programmed. You are on auto pilot…..

Subconsciously you have trained your mind and body to eat certain foods at certain times in certain ways so now you no longer think about it.

Think back to growing up and see if any of the statements below are true for you

  • you were expected to eat everything on your plate
  • you had to eat your food before you could go out to play, leave the table
  • you were not allowed pudding or dessert if you hadn’t eaten all your vegetables
  • you celebrated birthdays and special occasions with food ( parties, meals out, cakes)
  • if you fell over or were upset, you were rewarded with a sweet or chocolate
  • if you did something special at school, you were rewarded with food and drink
  • you had regular meal times – whether you were hungry or not

When you were older

  • when you were bored you would raid the fridge
  • treat yourself to a meal out
  • eat for comfort
  • eat when you were lonely, sad, nervous….

Food acts so efficiently to mask feelings we don’t want to experience that we may not recognise the connections.
We know that in the UK, we are unlikely to starve so why do we eat as if there was going to be no food left for tomorrow?

“Emotional Eating” is now recognised by scientists and doctors as a reality. This is overeating to suppress feelings, reduce stress and change moods. Here are just a few of the situations that can trigger emotional overeating.

  • abandonment
  • deprivation
  • loss
  • loneliness
  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • fear
  • hurt
  • rejection
  • guilt
  • shame
  • worry
  • anger
  • stress

For many people food is a major tranquilizer. This is one of the reasons why so many people develop an addiction to certain “favourite” foods — they act just like a medicine.

Overeating, or eating when you are full and the body no longer has a real need for food, is much like filling up your  tank and then proceeding to fill your back and front seats with petrol too. Why, if you don’t need any more food as fuel, do you continue to eat?

People who lose weight on diets will almost always gain it back unless they have identified the deep anxieties and conflicts that led them to develop the habit of using food to numb their feelings in the first place.


Hypnosis and EFT can help you

  • control cravings
  • reduce limiting beliefs
  • change habits
  • reduce obsessions
  • release the past
  • remove guilt
  • speed up metabolism
  • shrink your stomach
  • burn fat
  • motivate
  • stimulate your desire to exercise
  • accept and like yourself
  • remove resistance to exercise
  • help you to only eat when you are hungry

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  • No Surgery
  • No Pills, No Pain
  • No dieting
  • No hunger pangs
  • No cravings
  • No emotional eating
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  • Ongoing support
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