Stress Relief with STRESSWORX – testimonials

Stress relief can change lives and allow people to move forward with their lives – see below from a few happy clients


I got my driving license this morning! I can’t thank you enough! I can’t believe I have passed my test – the CD was wonderful .  I have no hesitation in recommending Ruth.

C. Stanwell


I was very nervous before my first appointment with Ruth as I had never been to a therapist of any kind before, but Ruth immediately put me at ease with her warm, approachable manner. In all I had 3 sessions with Ruth regarding some relationship problems I was having which were causing me stress. Seeing Ruth helped me no end, I quickly resolved the issues I had and credit her entirely with this.

Ruth made me feel completely relaxed and really invested her time in me. It felt like I was speaking to an old friend. Ruth is outstanding at what she does and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

H. Staines


It was so good to meet up with you today and I do feel that it was constructive. The nervous feeling  and stress has almost gone and I have eaten two meals today as well as my protein shakes. This is the first time I’ve been on my computer for a week or so  – so obviously there is a marked change. I also went and did something that I had put off for weeks which was also good. Positive things keep popping into my mind and – yes I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you

SM. Kent


I was recommended to visit Ruth when I was contemplating leaving my wife and feeling an enormous amount of guilt. With her help I was able to quickly put those feelings into perspective and began to foresee the positive outcomes there would be for me and my family in a future with a different partner. I was also enabled to ‘plan’ what I needed to do as and when I thought the time was right.
Some 15 years earlier I had undergone counselling in a different part of the country in an attempt to deal with the feelings I had about being sexually abused as a child by a relative. Although that had helped enormously to reduce my own feelings of responsibility I still harboured negative feelings about my mother in particular, wondering why she had allowed this to happen, why she didn’t protect me. I shared this with Ruth who got me, again, to put those thoughts into perspective and begin to find the positive experiences I had as a child with my parents, and to consider those as more important memories of my relationship with them. My feelings quickly changed to the positive because I was able to see those as the true legacy. Ruth was able to transform my thinking and feelings in this context in two or three sessions using Emotional Freedom Technique and some hypnotherapy that allowed me to work in the present rather than spend lots of time searching my memory for past experiences.
I can completely recommend these techniques to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety, whatever the cause. I also completely recommend Ruth as a skilled professional practitioner who has my absolute trust and never ending thanks.

J. Herts


“I went to see Ruth a few weeks after my mother died rather unexpectedly.
I was overwhelmed by my grief and needed help to cope with the range and intensity of emotions I was feeling.  Ruth took the time to explain the process of grief to me and point out that it is perfectly natural and normal to experience waves of intense emotion and periods of feeling numb.  Ruth showed me EFT as a way to help me cope with the emotions and stress when they threatened to overwhelm me, helping me to feel calmer and heal.  We worked through a range of emotions associated with my grief from sadness, anger, and abandonment.  Although I didn’t think it was possible to calm the intensity of the emotions and feel more at peace, working with Ruth using EFT did help me to get there.  At the beginning of the session I was experiencing some intense stomach cramps which had been going on for days.  About an hour after the session, the cramps stopped completely and I had a overall sense of feeling much calmer.  Although I need to continue to grieve the loss of my mum and will still experience the emotions associated with it, I now have a tool that will help me get to a better place, so that I can calm myself and ultimately heal from what has been a very traumatic experience for me.  Ruth is extremely professional but also empathetic and kind – she even shared her own personal experiences to relate to what I am going through.  Thank you so much, Ruth, I can’t thank you enough.”

Judi, Staines


I experienced the most powerful emotional intervention this Monday 20th September 2012.
My friend and fellow coach Ruth Fogg introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique. (EFT).
I had heard of EFT before and even bought a book on it but never actually got round to reading it!

I was in a one hour session and the result was miraculous, I went from having a pain in my chest that I can now describe as latent, because I had lived with it for so long I had forgotten to notice it, every time I had a sad thought the pain became a stab in my heart, it was a physical pain that had become part of me and now it is COMPLETELY GONE. I think it was trapped grief that was causing so much stress.

Here is what happened. I knew I was in trouble as over the past few weeks I had woken up each morning and realised I was crying. Depression is ‘trying too hard for too long to be strong’ and whilst I know many cognitive cures such as tip your head back and put on a smile until your face hurts and have a purpose to the day; these were conscious processes that got me through the working day until I got home at night and put the key in the door of an empty home, fed the cats and then searched for something to occupy/distract me from any empty lonely feelings which are a natural part of getting used to living alone after a relationship break up. I had been single for 7 years before this relationship and I had then got to a place where I was happy in my own company, then love crept up on me when I wasn’t expecting it. I fell for a dear friend who comforted me shortly after my Dad died in May 2010 and the euphoria of being in love took away a lot of the pain while grieving for my Dad, for which I will be eternally grateful. It has been a month since the relationship ended and getting back to single life was taking some adjustment, change always takes time to get used to and I am fulfilled in my work so I figured it would soon pass, however, I was worried that a depression may set in given the ball of sadness that was a palpable feeling in my chest every time I had a sad emotional thought, relationship expectations are a killer I thought and get on with it and let go. So when Ruth suggested I had an EFT session I thought, why not? Her skill as a therapist quickly uncovered that I had collapsed the grief of letting the relationship go in with unexpressed grief for my Dad and we tested this through a series of questions first tapping on the meridian points in the negative with words such as I miss my boyfriend, then in the positive with words such as I am fine without my boyfriend. Then we did a process called The Gamut whereby you tap and scramble the thoughts by rolling your eyes and hum the first phrase of Happy Birthday, we then moved on to I miss my Dad and then empowering words like I thank my Dad and am secure and loved etc. The tears were flowing without me realising and just after the second round of The Gamut I felt a shift of energy from my chest to my throat that momentarily made me panic and I did not recognise my own voice as Ruth encouraged me to stay with it and it was as if a balloon had popped as energy left my throat and I coughed and then felt really light headed disorientated momentarily and then immensely calm. The pain in my chest had gone I felt lighter and it was in fact only in that moment I realised how heavy my chest had been over the last couple of months.

I had a brilliant night’s sleep and did not wake up crying in the morning!

I do believe that Ruth’s experience and skill in stress management played a large part in my having this marvellous result so quickly.

R – Wraysbury


When I was in my mid twenties I developed a chronic pain condition, it was one of those things that baffled numerous doctors and I ended up having to take nerve suppressing medication. 4 years on and I’d been to places much darker than I ever knew existed, my worst point being at the start of this year when I thought I may have to give up work because even the strongest medication wasn’t helping. And then, I met Ruth. Without her I really don’t know what shape my life would be in right now. I don’t really understand how EFT is so powerful but somehow Ruth and her EFT skills have transformed my life.
I remember the first time I saw Ruth, and I remember the black cloud of stress that followed me in through her front door. I was depressed, (undiagnosed) and so stressed and suffering  that I just couldn’t cope anymore. I woke up in pain and went to bed in pain and I avoided seeing friends because my mind was so consumed by it all. When I did see people, I felt absent, like an imposter had taken over my body and was pretending to be me. Within about 7 sessions with Ruth I was back at work full time and reducing my medication. I started saying yes to nights out and invited people over. At work, I held my head up high instead of hanging it low and instead of looking exhausted and worn down with stress I found my smile again. Pretty soon everyone noticed the changes in me. It was like the real me had finally woken up and tunnelled a way out of the pain. I had my life back.
Yesterday I completed an 8 mile midnight charity walk and I’m feeling great. I may have lost several years of my life to this condition but now I’m back, I’m me again and if I ever feel that black cloud creeping in again, I’ll be knocking at Ruth’s door because I know that’s where I’ll find the sunshine.
Alison. Staines