Adolescents have more ability and understanding than children to express their stress but are often the least communicative! They may also be in denial and refuse to admit or accept that anything is affecting them.

Causes of Teenage Stress

  • Physical development
  • Spots
  • Sexuality
  • Relationships
  • Peer pressure and friends
  • Money
  • Sense of Inadequacy
  • Exams
  • Fear of failure
  • Employment
  • Parents
  • Bullying and violence
  • Drugs and Alcohol usage
  • Self Image
  • Loneliness
  • Illness
  • Unwanted change
  • Rejection


Signs and Symptoms of Stress in Young People – what to look out for

Please note that some of the “symptoms” below are a normal part of adolescent development. However sudden changes in behaviour patterns or the development of new ones are often indicative of stress.

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Low Energy
  • Short attention span
  • Often sleepy or extremely hyperactive
  • Often depressed
  • Negative self beliefs
  • Inactive
  • Lethargic
  • Angers easily /  fights frequently
  • Aggressive attitude /abusive
  • Dislikes self
  • Easily frustrated
  • Resentful and resistant
  • Cries easily and often
  • Sulky / withdrawn
  • Detached and unresponsive
  • Change in eating habits/ eating disorders
  • Mood swings
  • Defiant
  • Intolerant of family
  • Self harming
  • Poor concentration
  • School /College grades fall
  • Truancy
  • Drug and Alcohol usage increases
  • Attempted suicide