Live your Life to the Full

Change the way you think, Change the way you act , Change the way you feel…………

Change your Mind and your Life will Change

Worry, lack of confidence, feeling inferior, crushing stress and dominating habits are all brakes on happiness. They hold us back, weigh us down and stop us experiencing peace in our lives. They stop us fulfilling achieving our natural potential, self fulfilment and contentment –

STRESSWORX operates as a catalyst by providing you with the tools you need to make the changes you want so YOU are back in the driving seat, in complete control of your thoughts, feelings and actions

But how?

Here’s a simple description of how it works.



Think of a set of Russian Dolls where the top of a large doll opens to reveal a slightly smaller doll hidden inside.  A smaller doll is hidden inside that doll and so on, until we are left with the last and smallest doll which is a miniature replica of the first doll. By working through the layers to find the root cause of the problem –  past fears, negative memories and negative or painful emotions which cause stress are released to balance and put situations into perspective.

All those fears, anxieties, painful memories, negative beliefs, lack of self esteem, panic attacks etc each have or had a purpose at some point in your life. Your subconscious mind has stored these reasons or causes and has a complete understanding of why. Unfortunately the subconscious does not communicate with conscious mind so we really do not understand what is happening or why. Logically, you know that flying is safe – the statistics are there for us to see, but that makes no difference to how you FEEL.

Your smoking habit, fear of flying or low self-esteem is that large first doll which is overwhelming and holding you back.  During our time together we will work through the layers to conquer the ‘big issue’ and reduce it to insignificance or even banish it altogether. We will also discover the reason why this obstacle existed in the first place.  In time, you may wonder why it ever bothered you at all. By working on one or two issues, others are often disposed of as well, allowing you to move forward with your life with confidence.


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