What is Child and Teenage Stress?

Child and Teenage stress is much more common than most adults realise. Childhood and adolescence are meant to be happy, carefree and fun. A time for learning about life within a safe, secure and positive environment without fear, bullying, abuse or adult responsibilities. Childhood and Teenage years are when mental and emotional health is developed and patterns are set for the future. A child with good mental and emotional health is much more likely to grow into a well balanced, stable and responsible adult with the ability to initiate, develop and maintain relationships and fulfill their potential. They will have confidence, self control, self respect, self esteem and a positive self image. Sadly, the society we live in is rather different.

  • Family breakdown is widespread so that young people have negative and sad, emotional experiences.
  • There is peer and media pressure to have access to money, the perfect body and lifestyle.
  • Consumerism controls young people from a young age and 24 hour social networking deprives them of the ‘simple things in life’
  • Violence is rife in many communities and fear of crime a constant source of distress for thousands of young people.
  • Schools are under greater pressure than ever before to perform well in exams and university entry is more competitive and expensive.
  • 1 in 5 16-24 year olds are unemployed and many are carers for disabled family members
  • Self harming is becoming the norm – young people no longer know how to ask for help.

STRESSWORX helps young people to take control of their stress, feelings and thoughts by empowering them to take the journey towards self confidence, self esteem and self respect.