Hypnotherapy has been around for thousands of years and is a powerful and painless healing technique. It helps you to relax, relieve stress and tension, emotional and physical pain and a wide range of health issues. It enables and empowers you to change or remove unwanted habits, cravings, fears and phobias as well as helping you to achieve your goals.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which we all experience when we are:

  • dropping off to sleep
  • watching television – do the food and drinks adverts tempt you?
  • totally engrossed in a book
  • concentrating on a task so intently that we “switch off” everything that is around us
  • daydreaming

Your mind operates like a computer but is much more powerful. It adds, deletes, saves and renames files and is even subject to virus attacks which can grind things to a halt. Your memory is just like the computer’s memory – it stores all that is entered, everything that happens to you – good bad and indifferent. It is non judgemental but very accurate. This memory is part of your subconscious mind as is your imagination together with your established behaviour patterns and automatic body functions. The subconscious controls your heart beat, the pumping of your lungs, blood flow, the digestive system and all automatic body functions. Just imagine having to think about breathing or blinking – we wouldn’t last very long!

The subconscious accounts for 90% of our brain power, the other 10% being our conscious mind which determines out logic and reason, and operates in the here and now.

It is the conscious mind that is relaxed during hypnosis to allow the “re-programming“ of the subconscious mind to take place. Often this can be done quickly, easily and effectively with direct suggestion techniques but other issues need some deeper work doing which involves regression and/ or “parts therapy”.

The effects of hypnotherapy are long lasting, life changing and liberating – what have you got to lose?