Stress is a word that everyone uses on a regular basis but many misuse it too, without realising that it is actually pressure that they are talking about. Pressure goes away more easily than stress, which accumulates over time and usually results in illness.

Pressure can be motivating, challenging, exciting, helpful ( it gets us out of bed in the morning and gets us to work on time) It can be frustrating too – if you are stuck in a traffic jam, it’s pressure not stress – as soon as the road clears, the feelings go away and you regain your equilibrium.

Continual pressure however builds up and becomes stress or more accurately – distress.

The symptoms of stress are numerous and individually are manageable but rarely seen as a warning, suddenly we just can’t cope and our bodies protest by being ill. Are you experiencing one or more of these on a regular basis?

Mood swings, Irritability, Aggression, Low self esteem, Anxiety/Depression, Exhaustion, Insomnia, Poor concentration, Poor memory, Erratic eating habits, Increased drinking/smoking/eating, Headaches/Migraines, Raised blood pressure, Lack of sexual drive/energy, Indigestion, Muscle tension, Edgy, Increased heart rate, Panic attacks, Drug abuse, Erosion of self confidence, Indecisiveness, Poor timekeeping, Lack of commitment…..

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If so, take more care of yourself – do something about it! Easy to say but harder to do! Stress related illnesses are well worth avoiding but we are often taken unawares and only realise how stressed we were when we are actually ill.

Relationships suffer from unresolved stress – with partners, friends and family. We often are so stressed ourselves that we are unaware of the stress levels of those around us and things go from bad to worse.


There is no need to feel out of control, out of your depth and overwhelmed, unable to cope……

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