1 in 4 of us suffer with a mental health problem every year and stress and anxiety are usually the starting points.

However, not all stress is bad. We need a certain amount of it to get us going, to get the best out of us. It is a degree of stress that gets us up on a cold winter’s morning when the alarm goes off, that motivates us to get to places on time, and without stress we can become apathetic, lethargic and lazy.

Stress develops in stages. Eustress is the positive which can be described as that buzz you feel when something exciting happens or is about to happen, like a child waking on Christmas morning. Distress, Illness, Burnout and Death are of course, the negative manifestations if stress is not dealt with. There is also Post Traumatic Stress, which, as its name suggests, can occur as a consequence of a past traumatic experience or event.

What is the difference between pressure and stress? When does one tip into the other? You might feel yourself to be under constant pressure and unable to cope with the demands of today’s fast and hectic lifestyle, both at home and at work.

Most people……