Are your Beliefs really your own?

What are your beliefs? Could you list them easily without having to think carefully about them? Where have they come from? Have you always had them? Have they changed? Are they the same as your parents? EVIDENCE Inevitably, we grow up “inheriting” the beliefs of our immediate families. Some are what are known as global [...]

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Stressed or Struggling?

  Stress affects us all in one way or another at any age, at any time, any where. We all react differently depending on the circumstances and our make up – what stresses out one person may not affect another at all. However 80% of illnesses are stress related, costing the economy billions in prescriptions [...]

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BELIEFS – where do they come from?

Our beliefs shape our individual world – they provide a framework for our daily lives and make us feel safe. We have GLOBAL or COMMON beliefs which other people share e.g. the world is round. These COMMON beliefs are based on EVIDENCE or EXPERIENCE. We used to believe that the world was flat until scientists proved otherwise. “Your beliefs become your thoughts; Your [...]

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  Recent research by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA),in collaboration with the Age Endeavour Fellowship,(a charity) undertook a comparison between people of retirement age who have actually retired and those who carried on working in some way. The results demonstrated that those who were retired had a drastic decline in their health - an [...]

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Stress is an everyday word in our vocabulary - we all know what it feels like to be stressed and for the most part we accept it as a part of our lives and just carry on..... Main causes of Stress •   Fears, phobias, annoying habits, cravings and addictions •   Painful memories, limiting beliefs, low [...]

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Many people do not believe or just cannot see how their past affects what they say, do think or feel. When you actually think about it and look at the Russian dolls - what we learn, feel and experience as children ( small doll), we take with us into teenage years ( middle doll) and [...]

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