russian dolls

Many people do not believe or just cannot see how their past affects what they say, do think or feel. When you actually think about it and look at the Russian dolls – what we learn, feel and experience as children ( small doll), we take with us into teenage years ( middle doll) and all that experience is taken into our adulthood ( large doll). We do not at any stage of our journey leave anything behind! We talk of becoming older and wiser as we learn from the accumulated experiences of our lives.

If we have good experiences in childhood and adolescence, feel supported, loved and encouraged then we stand a good chance of being well balanced confident adults. If however our experiences are negative and we feel rejected, inadequate and fearful then a whole range of challenges face us on our life journey. Our early conditioning becomes firmly embedded in our minds and we rarely realise that we can actually change the way we think, feel and act to make our lives easier.

Using the dolls again – depression, panic attacks, insomnia, painful memories, limiting beliefs, weight gain and low self esteem – started somewhere so tracking back through past memories can often offer up a wealth of information to identify the cause of the presenting problem. However if a memory is too painful for us to cope with, then it is suppressed by the subconscious mind and needs a bit of encouragement to surface so it can be dealt with! EFT            ( Emotional Freedom Technique)  is brilliant for this!

Why let your baggage hold you down when you could be running free without any negative beliefs, thoughts or memories  to hold you back? With EFT, you can clear your own baggage, powerfully and painlessly.